Wild Ramp & Toasted Black Walnut Pesto


Ramp it up!!

… with our scrumptious Ramp and Toasted Black Walnut pesto. The combination of smooth and spicy ramps and the bold, distinctive flavor of black walnuts brings a rich and unique pesto from the woods to your table. Try it as a dipping sauce, a spread, or on your favorite dish.



Ramps (Allium tricoccum) are perennial woodland plants native to the Eastern United States. Members of the Lily family, fresh Ramps taste like the lovechild of leeks and garlic and thrive in the shade of our majestic forests. At Burgeoning Farm, we focus on sustainably harvesting the leaf, allowing the perennial bulbs opportunity to regrow for years to come. Sustainably harvested ramps require no tillage, weeding or irrigation, reducing our footprint on Gaia. Our black walnuts are also from perennial trees native to the eastern United States.